We have participated in the construction of the following major items:

  • Kozloduy nuclear power plant - thermal insulation
  • Belene nuclear power plant - thermal insulation and hidroizolatstsi
  • Rubin glass plant in Pleven - masonry tank furnaces, insulation and waterproofing
  • Schools, kindergartens and community centers - waterproofing and building repairs
  • "Heat - Pleven" EAD, Pleven - refractory, insulation and concrete masonry, insulation and waterproofing
  • Cement plant Panega Golden City - thermal insulation
  • «Storko» AD Pleven - thermal insulation
  • Oil factory "Oliva" AD, Knezha - thermal insulation

Construction and reconstruction of premises for the purposes of: Municipal Tax Office in Pleven, the administrative center for the citizens of Pleven, Pleven ESGRAON Office, DCC I and II Pleven, Pleven, respite care, and other sports and cultural halls and Community Centres within the region of Pleven

In the process of construction we strive to always put our quality materials and products, while guided by the preferences and requirements of the client. The company has the necessary equipment and transportation, serving our construction activities. When necessitate hiring specialized or heavy machinery.